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Elenora G.

valentines day cards

I am looking for ideas for the bulk packs of valentines with candies or trinkets included, for my kids to give out at school.

Garry Z.

Gourmet tea

My elderly mother really enjoys gourmet teas in unique flavors. I am looking for really different tea ideas for her. Tea drinking accessory and appliance ideas would be awesome too.

Grayce A.

Coffee ideas

My father is a huge coffee buff and i want to send him some really delectable and tasty bags of ground coffee. He prefers the non-flavored kind. I would appreciate recommendations

Alexandrine B.

Coat for my daughter.

My daughters 13th birthday is coming up and she wants a new coat. She said she wants an olive green puffer coat with a fur hood. She also asked that it be very warm, but not overly puffy looking in appearance. She wants a more figure flattering coat. I need help!

Hazle A.

Books for my mother

My mother is 72 and recently lost her husband. For the first time since she was 19, she is living alone and looking for activities to fill the void. She used to read alot and I was thinking of getting her books to read. She likes mystery and detective stories. I would appreciate any and all recommendations, to include your own personal favorites.

Brooke P.

A gift or gift card for my sister in law

I need gift or gift card ideas for my sister in law. It has to be something that she cannot spend or use on her kids or husband, as that is what she tends to do with her gifts. Help!

Michael J.

Christmas gift for my wife

Iā€™d like to spend up $50. She likes coffee, Broadway, is a teacher. Show does a lot for our family and would like to give her something that helps her, relax, recoup, focus, etc

Eldred K.

Coffee station stuff

I am going to set up a really nice coffee making station in my dining room. I need ideas for things to complete it. IE coffee making paraphernalia, gourmet coffees and treats and anything else that says, fancy coffee.

Destany D.

Kid cooking stuff

I have 5 kids that are not the greatest of chefs and dont have alot of cooking experience, but want to learn... slowly. I need ideas for simple to use, yet kid appealing food cookers and things like that. Thanks!

Prince L.

Movies and popcorn

I am looking for unique and fun gifts for people who are huge movie buffs and also love popcorn. My husband already has a whirly pop and an air popper, so maybe cool popcorn holders and popcorn kernels and seasoning type thing? Also, really neato ideas that are movie related?

Jazmin V.

Cool Beanies

Hey guys! I'm looking for some cool beanies to keep my head warm - I'm into anything carhartt-ish, just can't make up my mind about what to get for my lil head. any suggestions are so appreciated!

Melvin R.

New Nose Piercing

Hey guys! I just got my nose pierced, and I'm looking for any aftercare products you might recommend or cool pieces of jewelry to put in there once it's healed! Anything nose-piercing related would be great :)

Sally R.

Looking for some good reads

I'm a freshman in college going through a reading dryspell. I need some good recommendations - I love realistic fiction and memoirs.

Dorcas D.

rainbow slime

I am looking for rainbow slime kits for my daughter for xmas. Preferably unicorn themed or glittery. Everything included to make slime, please.

Mustafa S.

serving utensils

I am looking for nice, classy metal serving utensils to use on holidays and special occasions, no cheap looking or plastic kinds, please.

Ayana S.

Toe socks

I love toe socks and they were super popular about 6 years ago... now i cant find them anywhere! Where can i find really cool women's toe socks?

Tamara H.

Candy making kits

I need help finding easy to follow, candy making kits. My kids want to make candy, but i am not so good at it. Help!

Colton M.

gay pride gear

I am looking for anything and everything themed gay pride that i can wear. Clothing, shoes, accessories, hats ETC. Please help me find some cool things to show my pride!

Sally R.

What should I get my roommate for Christmas?

She's very chill, super into music and coffee. She's also a neat freak and would love anything that helps her keep her space clean. Looking for ideas around $20 or less. Thanks!

Garry Z.

Christmas socks

I am looking for the most outrageous and bold Christmas socks available. The funnier and raunchier, the better. I really like soft material and the longer sock length as well. Like silky material or very plush and fuzzy